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Unlock the Potential of Your Veterinary Hospital

Are you looking to buy or sell a veterinary hospital? Look no further! We're the experts and we'll be happy to give you advice on all your options.

Whether you want to sell quickly or keep it for a while, we're here to help.

Brokerage Services We Offer for Veterinary Hospitals:

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Need Help Buying or Selling a Veterinary Hospital?

At Next Best Exit, we understand the complexities and challenges associated with transitioning ownership of these special facilities. We're here to help you navigate the entire process - from business evaluation and purchase negotiation to final sale completion. Whether you are buying or selling a veterinary hospital, let us help make it a seamless experience.

How to Sell a Veterinary Hospital

As a business owner looking to maximize the value of your veterinary hospital, you need a streamlined and strategic sales process. Look no further than Next Best Exit. We specialize in connecting owners like yourself with corporate buyers that can bring the best return for your investment.

When collaborating with us at Next Best Exit, you will get:

At Next Best Exit, we strive to provide a level of service that meets our client's needs and goals, no matter how complicated they may be. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and excellence will help you sell your veterinary hospital quickly and profitably. When you’re ready to put your veterinary hospital on the market, Next Best Exit has all the resources necessary to make sure you get top dollar for your investment!

How to Buy a Veterinary Hospital

When we represent you during the veterinary hospital purchase process, we guide you through the entire acquisition to a successful closing.

Ready to buy a veterinary hospital? NBE can do the following:

Our team takes pride in getting to know our clients. We learn about your goals and your interests to help determine the best approach for you.

Whether you are interested in finding a hospital or have located one and want us to facilitate the purchase, we will provide you with a detailed market analysis.

Our experience in advising and negotiation can help you get the best price and terms possible, based on a realistic valuation of a prospective veterinary hospital.

Our contracts are specific to the veterinary industry and have been proven effective and acceptable to buyers and sellers.

NBE has relationships with lenders who understand the true value of your veterinary hospital. We will refer you to the right lender and assist you with pre-qualifying your purchase.

We will facilitate your closing, carefully monitor every detail of the transaction, and provide you with a checklist to help simplify the process.

5 Steps to Value a Veterinary Hospital

Valuing a veterinary hospital can be a complex process, as it involves considering both the financial performance of the hospital and intangible factors such as the hospital’s reputation and location. Here are 5 steps that a Next Best Exit business broker will take to value your veterinary hospital: 

Review the financial statements

The first step in valuing a veterinary hospital is to review the financial statements, including the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. This will help the analyst understand the hospital’s revenue, expenses, profitability and overall financial perfromance.

Determine the hospital's market value

The market value of a veterinary hospital is determined by the demand for veterinary services in the area and the hospital’s competitive advantage. Your business broker will consider factors such as the size of the veterinary hospital, its location, and the quality of its facilities and equipment.

Calculate the veterinary hospital's intrinsic value:

The intrinsic value of a veterinary hospital is the value that the hospital would be worth if it were to be sold on the open market. This can be determined using a variety of analytical valuation techniques, such as discounted cash flow analysis or comparable company analysis.

Consider intangible factors

In addition to financial considerations, your business broker will also need to evaluate intangible factors such as the hospital’s reputation and brand recognition. These factors can have a significant impact on the veterinary hospital’s value and should be reflected when valuing the hospital.

Make a recommendation:

Based on the analysis of the financial statements, market value, and intangible factors, your business broker will make a recommendation on the value of the veterinary hospital. This recommendation will include a high and low range with the most likely sales price.

Veterinary Hospital FAQ

A business broker at Next Best Exit can help increase the ultimate sales price of your veterinary hospital. NBE specializes in helping veterinary hospital owners sell their hospitals. We provide valuable expertise and resources to help facilitate the sale of the veterinary hospital and ensure that the deal is structured and finalized professionally and legally.

There are several ways that a Next Best Exit business broker can help increase the ultimate sales price of your veterinary hospital including:

  • Identifying potential strategic buyer buyers
  • Negotiating the terms of the sale
  • Marketing the business
  • Providing expert guidance

Are you looking to increase the ultimate sales price of a vet hospital? Next Best Exit can provide valuable expertise and resources that will increase the chances of a successful sale at a favorable price.

Private equity firms typically have a lot of capital to invest and may be willing to pay a premium for businesses that they believe have strong growth potential. Private Equity firms also typically have strict investment criteria and may only be interested in acquiring businesses that meet certain financial and operational benchmarks. If you are considering selling your veterinary hospital to a Private Equity firm engaging Next Best Exit can help, make your veterinary hospital an attractive acquisition target and can positively impact the sales price.

Selling the hospital practice and leasing back the real estate is a common way to potentially increase the total value of a veterinary hospital. When you sell the hospital practice, you are essentially selling the business itself, including the equipment, intellectual property, and other assets. By leasing back, the real estate, the new owner can continue operating the business in the same location and maintain control over the property.

The benefits of this approach allow the seller to separate the value of the business from the value of the real estate, making it easier to determine the fair market value of each business element. This is useful if the real estate carries a high value. Additionally, leasing back the real estate can potentially generate ongoing income for the owner.

However, there are also a few potential drawbacks to consider. For example, the terms of the leaseback agreement will need to be carefully negotiated. The ongoing costs of leasing the real estate may impact the profitability of the business, which in turn could impact the overall value of the hospital practice. 

EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) is a measure of a company’s financial performance that is often used to determine the value of a business. Other factors, such as the growth potential, the competitive landscape, and the condition of the physical assets, also impact the value of the hospital.

In general, the value of a business is typically measured in terms of a multiple of EBITDA, with higher multiples indicating a higher valuation. Veterinary hospitals are often selling with multiples in the range of 9-14 X EBITDA. The specific multiple a veterinary hospital is worth can vary significantly depending on the specific circumstances of the business and the market conditions at the time of the sale.

Considering Selling Your Veterinary Hospital? Start Here.

Whether you’re looking to develop a sound and well-thought-out plan for exiting the veterinary hospital industry, are seeking expert advice to maximize sales value, or want to expand your current market base – we’ve got you covered.